The physical therapy I offer is a combination of highly skilled orthopedic manual therapy and a comprehensive personalized rehabilitative program. I am committed to realizing an individual’s highest level of physical function , whether one is preparing for or recovering from surgery or suffering from acute injuries or chronic postural or movement dysfunctions.

Prior to becoming a physical therapist I worked for 25 years in New York City and internationally as a freelance dancer, choreographer and dance teacher. I have a trained eye, a unique understanding for working with dancers and highly skilled movers. People of all backgrounds appreciate my attention to their individual needs.

I offer

  • One on one physical therapy
  • East Village location
  • Flexible hours
  • Home visits negotiable

Physical Therapy

  • A means to address the rehabilitation
  • Maintenance and development of an individual’s highest level of physical function


  • Evaluate an individuals unique anatomy, structure, function and dysfunction


  • Educate, cognitively train and physically challenge each individual to perform strong, efficient and skilled movement
  • Healthy postural habits
  • Address the prevention of recurrent injuries

The Elastik

Elastik Class on break

Class Resumes: To be Announced

The ELASTIK was invented when I was asked by Westside Dance Physical Therapy in NYC to teach a curriculum of exercises designed specifically for physical therapists working with dancers.

emphasizes the relationship between movements of the extremities and core stabilization through its attachment to the hands and feet.

It is a portable personal jungle gym that is adaptable to different body types and levels of skill.

The goal of the ELASTIK is

  • — to physically and cognitively strengthen core and dynamic muscles to maintain the integrity of one’s alignment.
  • — to prevent harmful stresses to the neck, back, shoulders and hips, knees and feet.